Ultra has established an excellent track record of winning new business worldwide and delivering customer satisfaction through the successful execution of contracts, despite the challenges of international competition. This success has only been possible by all involved in the business working together to meet our customers’ needs in an efficient and innovative manner. I believe that Ultra Electronics has a great future that offers scope for individual talents to flourish in each of our businesses. 

If you are reading this as a potential employee, I am delighted to introduce the Group to you, and I hope that if you join Ultra you have a successful and rewarding career with us.

So why should you join Ultra?

We love solving tough problems, beating our competitors and making a difference to our customers, employers and shareholders.  Join us on our journey to make a difference.

Simon Pryce, Chief Executive Officer

Our businesses

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Aerospace & Infrastructure
The Aerospace & Infrastructure division provides specialist solutions to the aerospace, rail, energy and nuclear markets. The division's Aerospace capabilities, covering both the civil and military sectors, meet the demand for innovative technologies that reduce cost, improve efficiency and increase safety. Producing high-integrity, safety critical electronic control systems for aircraft applications including: position sensing and control; airframe and engine ice protection and detection; electronic architectures; weapon control; and noise cancellation systems. The division's Infrastructure and Nuclear capabilities deliver mission critical technologies into complex built environments. This includes instrumentation, control systems and software applications that automate and optimise the world's airports; power naval platforms and urban rail networks; and secure a lifetime of safe operation for energy generating plants
Communications & Security
The Communications & Security division provides mission critical, information dominance solutions to governments and law enforcement agencies worldwide. The division specialises in advanced cyber security, communications, surveillance and electronic warfare capabilities. From the unique requirements of high-grade cryptography to commercial grade secure network solutions and state-of-the-art communication and situational awareness systems, the division offers innovative and highly differentiated capabilities for both defence and civil applications. It also focuses on designing, manufacturing and supporting tactical command and control systems to deliver solutions that help warfighters integrate, share and act on time-critical information. The division's solutions result in the delivery of "actionable intelligence" to support law enforcement, government, defence and commercial entities in achieving information dominance in a modern, high-risk global environment.
Maritime & Land
The Maritime & Land division delivers innovative solutions for maritime and land platforms and has a deep expertise in underwater warfare enabling it to deliver leading anti-submarine warfare capabilities. The division provides sensors, combat management systems, power solutions for surface, sub-surface and unmanned platforms that provide a critical operational advantage to its customers. The division offers systems for modern military manned- and unmanned-vehicles, from complete electronic architectures to specialist equipment and components which improve reliability and performance, whilst reducing the burden on the operators and maintainers. It also offers a range of innovative products optimised to support the unique challenges of the dismounted soldier.

Developing Ultra’s People

Ultra is committed to developing people and securing the talent pipeline to ensure the continued growth and success of the Group. Each business is responsible for continuously developing the team and its individuals, so that they grow with the business and great focus is placed on ensuring that the right people are in the right roles.

Ultra has its Learning Academy, an online portal, available to all of the Group’s businesses, which enables the scheduling of training, hosts online courses and retains the training records of Ultra’s employees.

Specific training programmes are provided for individuals as necessary. Many of these are courses tailored to the specific requirements of Ultra and the trainers have an intimate knowledge of how the Group operates across all its businesses. These training events include programmes on leadership and management, along with workshops on Ultra’s successful competitive strategy, strategic selling, programme management and systems engineering.

Ultra’s businesses have developed corporate partnerships with engineering institutions, including the Institution of Engineering and Technology, in order to support and encourage employees to pursue professional recognition (in the form of CEng, IEng, or EngTech status) for both their current and previous work and academic achievements.

Opportunity to participate in national schemes, such as the Engineering Education Scheme (run by the Engineering Development Trust) and competitions promoting STEM* careers, gives students access to real-life current work challenges and enables Ultra employees to develop their management and leadership skills.

Customer Focus

Ultra places great importance on building long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and strategic teaming partners. Listening to our customers and understanding our marketplace ensures that resources are directed towards the development of new products and services that meet real customers needs

Our Culture

Ultra defines its culture as the values, role models, processes, procedures and behaviours of its employees which drive the Group’s success. Many individuals join the Ultra team each year, through organic growth, natural staff turnover and acquisitions. Ultra is committed to ensuring that its culture is not diluted as the Group grows. To achieve this, Ultra has identified four cultural behaviours of its people which are highly valued and encouraged. These are leadership, entrepreneurship, audacity and paranoia. Together, they are known within the Group as LEAP.

Growth through engagement

The Group is focused on helping customers identify their true needs by developing long-term relationships based on performance excellence and meeting commitments. To do this, Ultra utilises an additional, complementary set of behaviours, called LAUNCH. Continuing to ensure that Ultra has positively engaged people, is a key factor in driving the performance of the Group forward and Ultra businesses provide a diverse range of opportunities for their employees to become involved with the local community.


Ultra has identified four cultural behaviours of its people which are highly valued and encouraged. These are leadership, entrepreneurship, audacity and paranoia. Together they are known as LEAP…

  • Determine the future direction and vision for the business.
  • Communicate inspirationally that future
  • Inspiring and energising the business team, customers, suppliers and colleagues.
  • Stimulating an innovative culture to release creativity.
  • Enabling change to provide a greater and faster return to the business.
  • Encouraging the whole business to be entrepreneurial.
  • Communicate inspirationally that future
  • Seeking competitive advantage through the differentiation of offerings.
  • Ensuring competitions skewed in Ultra’s favour, while behaving ethically.
  • Seeking to enhance the offering by teaming either internally or externally.
  • Embrace innovation to inject rapid growth into the business.
  • Being daring or bold.
  • Thinking of the bigger picture or opportunity.
  • Being prepared to take a leap forward.
  • Considering risks and leaving no stone unturned to secure market opportunities.
  • Recognising threats and making it difficult for competitors to steal Ultra’s established position.
  • Constantly worrying about satisfying customers’ real needs
  • Considering every possible angle when strategising bids to enhance Ultra’s competitive position.